The digital age has arrived and how things have changed since the days of photographic slides and projectors. Couples selecting their wedding photographer will need to consider if they wish to opt for digital photographs, classic prints, or a combination of both. Skilled wedding photographs are equipped with all the latest top range digital cameras and can provide digital images quickly, which the couple can print themselves or leave in the expert hands of their photographer.

Naturally the most cost effective option is to print the images oneself, but the quality is less assured than when left in the hands of a professional. Considering the sum spent on hiring a professional wedding photography it can be wise to allow them to follow through with hard copy print images that will retain their clarity through the years. Even as you go through the business of selecting a wedding photographer to capture your special day you will most likely find yourself drawn to their print portfolio as the ultimate expression of their work.

Photographers who have embraced modern technology may still prefer to offer print photographs as they consider printing to be part of their artistic expression. It is not surprising that their expertise ensures the print photographs they create from their digital images are often far superior to the ones that can be printed off elsewhere from the disc they provide. They use professional equipment to be certain the coloring and resolution are exact, and use calibrated editing to avoid amateur errors such as pixelation problems.

A happy medium is for the couple to take advantage of the instant attraction of having digital images made available quickly to be shared with family and friends on social media. They can then select their favorite images and request the professional photographer to provide print copies, with the option of having them preserved in a wedding album. An expert photographer will be able to offer, in addition to a wedding album, fine art quality prints that will look wonderful framed or transferred onto some other medium such as glass or wood.

Wedding albums stand the test of time, whilst no one is sure in what direction the digital age is heading. Technological changes may render your wedding disc obsolete; require digital adjustments or new style formatting to keep pace with future changes. Considering how obsolete the slide and projector model has become it is prudent to bear in mind possible advances which may impact on digital photography files. It could be the wisest decision to opt for the best of both worlds by retaining a disc and professional print copies.

As you begin the process of selecting a wedding photographer be sure to ask questions about their preference for digital and print work. Consider which style of their work most appeals to you as you browse their portfolio and the various costs involved in opting for a disc, prints or a combination of both. The final decision is yours so it is worth considering in advance if you prefer the idea of a print wedding album or if your feet are firmly placed in the digital age.

Capturing images worth photographing is very much like setting a stage for a play. All of the right set pieces must be in place to create the most memorable photograph. The clothes that the subjects wear should fit their environment, especially when creating a particular atmosphere, such as a destination wedding.  Our blog article, Find The Dress To Preserve The Mood of Your Wedding Pose features simple wedding dresses for the beach that can help the photographer to achieve simple, yet powerful images of the bride.

Photo Credit: Thanks to Madame Bridal for the photo from their simple wedding dresses for the beach category.

Remember The Details

A professional photographer knows how to keep his/her attention focused on finding both the macro and micro opportunities:  Group shots of the bride & groom families, long-distance shots of the ceremony, and still images of everyone having fun dancing at the reception are standard fare.

What separates a professional photographer from an extraordinary photographer is their attention to detail.  Whether it’s a close up of the wedding rings, a detail of the bouquet or a quiet photo of the bride in repose; framing the images that no one sees will usually be the photographs that everyone remembers.


The only thing we love more than weddings, is photography.  And when you put the two together, you create magic.  It is one of very few pinnacles in a person’s life, and they have invited you to participate in it.  There can be no better compliment to your skill or your friendship.

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Find the Dress to Preserve the Mood of Your Wedding Pose

Find the Dress to Preserve the Mood of Your Wedding PoseYou may dream of capturing the romance of your special day in inspirational photographs that not only reflect your personality but show the enchantment of the moment in a beautiful setting. Skilled wedding photographers have the expertise to direct your all important wedding day photo shoot with passion, not only reflecting the personalities of the couple but staging the finished look in a fine art fashion. If you have an image in mind of yourself and your groom in an artistic pose you will of course need the perfect wedding dress to encapsulate the mood. Whether your imagination favors a romantic woodland setting, a sun kissed beach, a vintage style shot or something exuding sheer sophistication; you will want a dress to mirror the moment.

Find the Dress to Preserve the Mood of Your Wedding PoseFree-spirited brides who feel at one with nature often choose an outdoor wedding in a natural setting. Watters Willowby design gorgeous yet simply styled wedding gowns that are perfect for those idyllic woodland poses. Imagine how beautiful you will look photographed with your groom modeling the Watters Willowby 58110P Brighton Calathea lace wedding dress, accessorized with fresh flowers in your hair. This lovely A-line gown features a sleeveless fitted bodice with a V-neckline and a sheer lace V-back. The skirt flows smoothly from the waistline to finish in a delicate sweep train.

Find the Dress to Preserve the Mood of Your Wedding PosePerhaps the glamour of vintage style wedding photographs appeal to you. You may envisage a shot of yourself reclining against a classic car in the arms of your groom. The Allure Bridals Madison James MJ16 lustrous satin wedding dress exudes sophisticated vintage glamour with its fitted silhouette. This gown resonates with the allure of the Great Gatsby era and offers a truly unique look. The loosely gathered bodice is framed with short kimono style sleeves and features a V-neckline and a deep V-back. Intricate crystal beading accentuates the empire waistline from which the skirt flows smoothly into a sweep train.

Find the Dress to Preserve the Mood of Your Wedding PoseSilk crepe is styled into the ultimate in chic sophistication in the Laine Berry MCLB11618 Veronica long sleeved wedding dress. This fitted dress is the perfect choice for elegant yet sensual poses at an evening wedding, with subtle lighting and a backdrop of candles. The V-neckline plunges open almost to the waistline and the deep V-back is traversed with a single shimmering chain. The sleek skirt showcases a high-thigh side slit, putting the sex appeal into your chosen bridal look.

Find the Dress to Preserve the Mood of Your Wedding PoseIf your dream pose is being held in the arms of your groom as the sea laps around you in the background then the WTOO 17757 Heaton off-the-shoulder wedding dress is an idyllic choice for a destination wedding in an exotic location. The asymmetrically ruched bodice is styled in lace overlaid with netting and the lovely A-line skirt cascades in layers of soft netting from the Grosgrain ribbon waistband. The delicate sweep train will not impede you as you run across the sand into the arms of your beloved.

Capturing the essence of your wedding in artistic shots relies on a wedding dress that helps the bride to convey her mood, and the passion and expertise of a skilled photographer. When these two vital components come together you will have an aesthetic photograph to cherish.